I offer Free Distance Healing each Sundayevening at 7pm. If you would like to be included in this free healing please email me or use the 'Contact Us' section by Saturday night. You will need to contact me each week that you wish to be included as the list would be very large if I was to automatically include each person each week. So please let me know by 10pm on Saturday night if you want to be included in this distance healing. All you need is to send your name.  If you would like to donate towards these free services please click on the button below.  All donations are greatly appreciated, Thank you.




I offer some free attunements on request. These attunements were passed on to me free, so I will continue to pass these on to anyone who would like them. Each attunement comes with a short manual outlining the attunement and how it works. I can send them via distance attunement for a nominal fee of 5 or you can attune yourself for free if you are accustomed to attunements already.


The Free attunements available are:


  1. Elenari Healing System 

A beautiful healing of the Realm of the Faery.  This healing is Star based and Earth based and involves the visualisation and intention to heal.  It implements 3 symbols by visualisation only and can be used to heal any element, animal, person or plant. It allows us to know who we are - Beings of light. There is a deep opening to nature in this system.  This system may not be re-sold, it is purely for passing it on to others.





These free attunements may be passed on to others, but not for a fee.  They should not be charged for. 



Please contact us about any of these free services and we will be very happy to answer any questions you may have. 



 Please check back regularly as this page is updated often.